I’m on holiday, so here’s some timely news instead. 


I recall a time – vividly enough that it can’t have predated the Playstation – when videogame release dates fell on just two days a year: my birthday and Jesus’. Unfortunately these two dates arrived within 11 days of one another so the videogame season became a two week period in December. Acquiring games outside of that pithy window meant trading, pleading or copious stockpiling of capital.

A decade on I’m marginally wealthier than that guileless paper-boy of the mid 90s and each new day heralds another game. Or eight. The advent and widespread adoption of the iDevices has bred a global audience so influential that games exceeding $1 in price are eyed with the kind of distrust reserved for grown men loitering outside a primary school at 3pm with a bag of lollipops. £1.19 has become exorbitant, £3.99 is to be avoided like nuclear fallout. It’s complete madness but the power of the dollar is plain to see in the top 25 chart on any ios device (just one title currently exceeds the hallowed $1/59p price point on iPhone).

The latest game to pander to this close-fisted audience is World of Goo. 2D Boy’s eulogised game about forcing blobs of goo into pipes is a masterpiece, a taut puzzler worth its weight in gold twice over, and yet here it is at the farcically low price of 59p.

The world is officially crackers and you’d do well to benefit from it by thieving World of Goo today because it’s going to set you back an outrageous £1.79 from tomorrow onward.


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