Wherein I present and briefly talk about the finest, funniest and foremost trailers released over the past week. Because hyperbole is fun.


Either I’m getting lazy (two weeks in) or this past week has been a little miserly with the trailers. Probably the former. Regardless, by the time you hit play on this sassy number, 2K Sports will have probably driven an axe into its make-believe head. So I’ll use the power of words to describe it briefly just in case: Serena Williams and Unknown Female don raunchy attire, play Top Spin 4 with Playstation Move controller, omit sexy noises, strike titillating poses.

Now, 2K Sports came out and condemned the trailer, declaring that they hadn’t allowed it to be released. And yet… there in plain sight resides the 2K Sports logo and it seems a bit daft to pay Serena Williams and Unknown Female to prance about in slow motion, shaking ass and feigning orgasm if they were only going to throw the end product into the bin. Regardless, if it hasn’t been nuked from 2K HQ, the video is here:


Here at WUASTA (what an acronym!) we’re partial to a little fanboy bating. Hell, what would the internet be if we all got along and didn’t fall back on Twitter to call our adversaries cunts every once in a while? So with that in mind I present the trailer for Twisted Pixel’s The Gunstringer; a Kinect thingy game where you wave your hands around and pretend you’re a cowboy. And it stars those inflatable wavy tube men, awesome.

Ever the comedians, Twisted Pixel spend the best part of the trailer poking fun at the primitive control methods plaguing other, lesser games consoles. They don’t discriminate either; PC, PS3, Wii – they all suck as hard as each other in The Gunstringer’s eyes. Kinect doesn’t suck though, no sir. I’m yet to pick up Kinect – I live in a microscopic flat – but it’s reassuring that developers are starting to embrace it for some good old fashioned shootering.


Randy Pitchford’s Duke Nukem delay video doesn’t count and my third favourite video of the week (for Sanctum) certainly does not constitute a trailer – check it out anyway. So it falls to the eccentric Patapon tribe to fill this final spot. Patapon 2 was a marvellous title and it pains me that I won’t be able to join in with their upcoming shenanigans. That pain is eased somewhat however with the following trailer. It’s all dramatic escalation and broodiness but it’s a story trailer and the Patapons have had a tough life, will they ever make it home?


You can view all previous The Week in Trailers features by clicking on the features bar at the top of this page and navigating to the conveniently titled “The Week in Trailers” menu. Do it, and you’ll lose two stone in weight.


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