Wherein I present and briefly talk about the finest, funniest and foremost trailers released over the past week. Because hyperbole is fun.


First up is the opening cinematic for The Behemoth’s BattleBlock Theatre. Yeah I hear you and you’re right, this isn’t a trailer. Shh. The delightful trailer opening cut scene wears on its sleeve everything you’d expect from a Behemoth title: it’s [really] funny, looks pristine and involves characters with square heads. The narrator is the star here though, so lets hope there’s more of him in the finished game.


Bad Company feature in a second episode of Middle Eastern warfare, this time taking to the skylines to duke it out with a bad-guy getting to grips with his Fisher Price My First Sniper Rifle. It’s scripted to hell and back, sure, but my oh my the Frostbite 2 engine looks divine. Those cityscapes, those character animations, those woefully misplaced bullets causing concrete explosions! The attention to detail is marvellous, although I’m not too sure I’d feel comfortable throwing a rocket launcher around. Oh, and Bad Company radio chatter is crackling with Generation Kill talk. I like.


With the trailer for the XBLA/PSN title Swarm (out this coming week), Hothead bravely document the sinister side of childhood. Watch the tragic fires of hate and violence ignite within this hapless young girl as she succumbs to blood lust and sadism, inflicting her rage on an unfortunate breed of… blue things. Is there anything sadder in the world? It all gets a little surreal at the end, mind.


You can view all previous The Week in Trailers features by clicking on the features bar at the top of this page and navigating to the conveniently titled “The Week in Trailers” menu. Do it, and you’ll grow wings.



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