Sony Conference LiveBlog



03:04 – Strong conference from Sony. No Kevin Butler, no PSP adverts, no nonsense about additional services, just 80 minutes of relevant gaming announcements and to top it off the reveal of one phenomenal looking piece of kit. Could have done with some more PS3 announcements though.

03:00 – The Sony conference comes to an end. That flew by.

02:59 – Tretton’s back cracking jokes about Hirai. Ouch.

02:57 – Hirai returns to announce that the PSV will be available this holiday seasonThe Wifi model will retail for $249, an announcement that prompts massive applause. $299 for 3G Wifi. No mention of queen pound price.

02:54 – Signing Vita off with another montage.

02:53 – “More than 80 titles in development.”

02:51 – We’re watching Cole from inFamous duking it out with some angry dude. Game looks pristine.

02:50 – Capcom take to the stage to speak about Street Fighter X Tekken. Looks like Street Fighter.

02:47 – LittleBigPlanet announced. Utilising the touch screen to choose levels here as well as in game. This has a metric tonne of potential with the two touch screens. Multiplayer on one screen demonstrated. Worlds created by painting them. It looks every bit of glorious as its PS3 counterparts.

02:44 – Wipeout 2048 mentioned. They’re really shining light on the cross platform functionality. Cloud saves, online competition between both PS3 and PSV and user generated content shared between both.

02:44 – Owners of Playstaion Vita Modnation Racers will have access to all user created levels created in the Playstation 3 version. Wonderful.

02:43 – They’re actually playing now, looks good.

02:43 – Very intuitive. They’re painting contours onto the track, then trees and finally an alpine village. All in the space of about 30 seconds.

02:42 – Playstation Vita version of Modnation Racers now. The devs are making a track by sliding their finger across the touch screen. New track fashioned in 5 seconds.

02:38 – Ruin can be played on both the PS3 and PSVita (God I love that name) and it has a cloud saving system. Fancy.

02:35 – Tough act to follow that. Ruin is the next title, a social Diablo-esque RPG. Isometric view, combat fought in real time. Connected to the Playstation Network: “Other players are your rivals.” Something about you being able to build dungeons and your ability to attack other player’s dungeons. Sounds interesting.

02:33 – Player touches a shotgun to pick it up, the weapon on the HUD to reload. Utilises rear touch and the Six Axis.

02:31 – Switching between the control methods is smooth. It’s just Uncharted in your hand. Stunning.

02:30 – Kicking off with Uncharted Golden Abyss. Production values are through the roof. It’s got a touch melee system on the front screen, you can move Drake with either the analogue sticks or the touch screen. “Play the way you want.”

02:28 – Scott Rohde takes the stage to talk games.

02:28 – “Near” allows you to play with those nearby you, compare trophies etc.

02:27 – “Prices and carriers for other territories will be announced soon.”

02:26 – Partnered with at&t in the US, controversy. Some boos from the audience.

02:25 – Looks beautiful. “Two analogue sticks, a multi touch 5″ screen, front and rear touch pads, six axis motion sensing technology, front and rear cameras. Wifi and 3G Wifi models.”

02:24 – NGP officially named Playstation Vita. Result.

02:24 – Talk about augmented cameras, touch pads and the like…

02:22 – Hirai announces Playstation Suite, seems to be a service to connect the Playstation devices, mostly on phones. NEXT.

02:21 – Kazuo Hirai takes to the stage to talk about the Playstation Network. This ought to lead into the NGP reveal.

02:20 – Blitzing through the trailers here. Onto EA now. SSX returns with an exclusive level on the PS3. PS3 owners of Need for Speed: The Run get some extra cars and the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 comes packaged with Battlefield 1943 for free. Not bad. Where’s my cross game chat?

02:17 – Star Trek trailer – looks a bit like Mass Effect, a little like Dead Space. Just infinitely nerdier.

02:15 – Exclusive content for Saints Row 3 on PS3. Launches November 15.

02:14 – Ken Levine whips out an NGP. Bioshock possibly coming to the NGP in future.

02:13 – Bioshock Infinite supports Playstation Move.

02:12 – He’s talking about an interview in which he “said a few uncharitable things about the Playstation Move”. You know where this is going.

02:11 – Needless to say it looks outrageous, Ken Levine takes to the stage.


02:05 – Dust 514 Playstation exclusive from the EVE Online guys. Directly linked to EVE Online on the PC to “combine to make one vibrant universe”. It’s a first person shooter set in the greyest world I’ve ever seen.

02:03 – Attention’s turned to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: 2012 release.

02:01 – Trailer for Starhawk – third person run & gun shooter. Lots of shooting, vehicle battles and some crazy aircraft mech suit transformer thing. Looks like the long awaited successor to Warhawk. Makes sense.

01:58 – inFamous 2 trailer now.

01:53 – The Sports Champions guys are on stage to plug their new title: Medieval Moves Dead Man’s Quest. Swords and bows, seems like Sports Champions with a bit of story. The guy’s making a big deal about the lack of an inventory, you just grab the weapon you want from the relevant position on your body. The gladiator mode was the best part of Sports Champions so Medieval Moves certainly has potential.

01:51 – He’s making the audience laugh. Mr Caffeine take note.

01:50 – Endorsement time, it’s some tall basketball player. I like his shirt.

01:47 – Time to talk about NBA 2K12 with 2K Sports. It boasts Move support. The big purple crosshair looks garish on screen, but I guess if it works it doesn’t matter much.

01:45 – “We’re going to break the mould on pricing of 3D this year.” Tretton’s talking about two new 3D hardware products available this year. The Playstation branded 24″ 3D display weighing in at $499 and bundled with Resistance 3, a pair of glasses and a 6″ HDMI cable is the first. It does that fantastic thing where two players can play on one screen. Cheaper 3D glasses too. I still can’t afford any of it.

01:43 – ICO and Shadow of the Colossus launching this September, fully playable in 3D.

01:40 – Demo time. Looks phenomenal, although a touch on the grey/brown side. That’s to be expected, it is the apocalypse after all. Combat is frantic and weapons fittingly ludicrous for Insomniac. Aliens look like the Ceph from Crisis 2. Seems to be a protect the power core thing going on here, the player’s holding a big grey box instead of a weapon. Luckily he’s got a buddy fighting with him. Demo ends with a big alien. Supports 3D too.

01:38 – Resistance 3’s time to shine. Apparently humanity has already lost the war. Sounds a bit Half Life, lots of talk of resistance groups and guerilla attacks on the Chimaera.

01:37 – “We’re going to sell a few copies of that bad boy.” Tretton’s back.

01:35 – There’s a 3D trailer now, looks pretty 2D from where I’m sitting. Seems to be a touch darker than before with characters getting shot left right and centre. Oo a horse! Safe to say it looks bloody ace.

01:34 – Uncharted multiplayer beta June 28th.

01:33 – Trailer ends with Drake sprinting toward the camera. Neat.

01:31 – Third salvo: combat time. Seems pretty familiar. Drake tucks a grenade into an enemies pocket. Unlucky. The boat’s sinking and Drake’s plunged underwater. What is it with drowning? First Lara, now Drake. Imagine if they had a child.

01:30 – Platforming time, Drake leaping about with trademark grace.

01:28 – Straight in with the live demo. It’s Drake, oddly enough and he’s on a ship. He’s stealthing his way through a theatre, choking guards. Music is subtle but suits the surly tone brilliantly. Outside its stormy, the waves rock the boat knocking Drake off balance as he walks. All very atmospheric.

01:27 – And now onto Uncharted 3.

01:22 – Tretton is speaking about “an elephant in the room.” What could he mean? Getting that out of the way early on. Smoothly transitions from an apology to speaking about the Playstation’s brilliance. Tretton owns the stage already.

01:21 – It’s pink, by the way. His shirt.

01:21 – Jack Tretton takes to the stage. Nice suit. Bad shirt.

01:20 – Still montaging.

01:17 – Montage – games, NGP, Move, 3D.

01:16 – OMG HERE WE GO.

01:14 – I’m actually excited. Sounds like those without 3D glasses are going to be staring at the Bluromatic 3000 though.

01:08 – E3 doesn’t begin until we say it does.

01:02 – Better turn the lights back on, running late over at the Sony conference.

01:00 – Hit the lights, time for lift off.

00:55 – I hope it’s called Playstation Vita, that’s one sexy name.

00:52 – I’ve got a good feeling about this one. PSP2 announcement? Tasty.

00:35 – Opting to take nutrition break during the EA press conference and not the Ubisoft event was a monumental error.

00:30 – Half an hour until Sony take to the stage then, let’s hope Kevin Butler and annoying PSP kid were struck of the invite list, lest we forget last year’s debacle.

00:23 – I immediately rescind that statement.

00:22 – So then, after that train wreck I reckon even Kevin Butler would be a welcome face.


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