EA Conference Liveblog

EA take to the stage to hurtle through their catalogue of games in the second conference of E3. Expect Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Soccerball 13, American Soccerball, Medal of Honor and Simcity. Liveblogged here, for your viewing pleasure.

22:06 – And that’s that. Plenty of pew. Plenty of sports. Marked improvement over Microsoft’s. Still not that exciting, mind. New IP? Anyone? Just an inkling of something a little bit, you know… different. Oh and Pachter was wrong about Respawn (although they did get a shout out).

22:04 – It’s gone for the urban rainforest feel with the stark greys of New York hidden away beneath a blanket of green. Good choice. We’ve got footage of that bow in action too; the man on stage managed to take out a helicopter with a well placed shot. Bravo. February 2013.

22:01 – And finally we have Crysis 3. It should be to the surprise of nobody that it looks fetching.

21:58 – Looks marvellous with all its slow-motion car smashing and near misses. It appears to play like Hot Pursuit with all of Paradise’s shortcuts and open-world glory. Out October 30th.

21:56 – Most Wanted is open world like Burnout Paradise. Integrating friends and social features in Autolog 2.0.

21:55 – Cars go vroom! Police cars go neenaw! It’s Criterion’s Need for Speed Most Wanted played out to the sound of The Prodigy (no dubstep here). I don’t need to tell you that, visually at least, it looks dapper.

21:50 – UFC’s the one with all the bro’s hugging it out, right? UFC being converted into an annual franchise.

21:49 – Messi on the cover of FIFA 13. Mr. FIFA is hawking improved AI, improved passing etcetera. You’ve heard this all before.

21:45 – FIFA’s up. They’re talking about social features. Excuse me while I take a second power nap.

21:42 – There’s a multiplayer demo to see things out. Looks like Battlefield without the vehicles. Ends with the tagline: “For honor. For country.” Shameless.

21:35 – Medal of Honor is up and running on Frostbite 2.0. Before the demo can begin, Riccitiello brags about how every mission in-game is linked to a real life military operation or area of operation. Super cool dude. Certainly looks snazzy, although let’s not forget how snazzy Battlefield 3 looked and how tedious its single player campaign was. The Tier 1 chumps are assaulting up a beach toward a ruined town. Shooty shooty time. Pew pew. First button prompt: press X to breach. There are options on how to breach doors like in Rainbow Six 3, although there’s no mention of whether or not you can use Kinect. Shame about the slow motion entry afterward. More pew. Features war, fights and a remote controlled tank thing. October 23rd.

21:31 – Bioware are up to chat about The Old Republic. They’re talking about the updates they’ve previously released. E3: you’re doing it wrong.

There was footage of The Old Republic but I’ll be frank, I had a snooze.

21:24 – Peter Moore and Patrich Bach emerge onstage to the gale of that horrendous Inception BAH sound. Their arrival heralds the formal announcement of Battlefield Premium. An elephant sneezes from somewhere inside the room.

Moore is hyping the 24/7 365 days a year digital service EA provides (until it decides to axe servers anyway). Now Bach’s blathering about how “we’re listening to our fans and given them even more content.” People asked for ways to give you more money!? Battlefield premium brings with it “exclusive in game items, unique events, new dogtags, new camo-skins, advanced features, the Back to Kharkand map pack and early acceess to the four new map packs.” Battlefield 3 Premium is available today for $49.99. Fans that purchase today can start playing Close Quarters immediately (unless you’re playing on PC or Xbox 360 then you’ll have to wait until next week, lol). “Over 4 new game modes” the trailer boasts. That’s five then. Sparse clapping.

21:23 – A trailer shows footage of Simcity proper. It looks like Simcity. More online features this time around with choices made in your city impacting those nearby, presumably online. Saw Godzilla in the trailer too.

21:22 – Microtransactions. Microtransactions. MICROTRANSACTIONS. Of course, the trailer makes no mention of this.

21:21 – Sim City Social is coming to Facebook. ONE PERSON CLAPS. No woos.

21:20 – The Maxis logo is greeted with a fair few woos.

21:18 – They’re talking about American Soccerball, I’m well out of my league. So can you kick it, or not?

21:15 – Cheesy montage of some American football chap now.

21:14 – Dead Space 3 announcement trailer. Ice planets, bad driving and giant Mr. Tickle monsters in space!

21:13 – The characters are moving a lot quicker than I remember being able to in Dead Space 2 and the quips between the two chaps make it hard for the horror to spread its roots. This isn’t Uncharted, yo. They’re battling necromorphs while a gigantic drill-like thingy whirls around at a million miles an hour. They use good-old stasis to slow it and shoot the engines while fending off familiar looking Necro-monsters. It’s manic. They emerge outside and while it looks impressive, they seem to be shooting at something that’s returning fire. Humans? No time to ponder, the gigantic baddy worm thing from Gears of War 2 comes tearing out of the ground. Boss time! Isaac’s learned to roll dodge and it’s definitely less clunky than before. Are Visceral about to pull a Capcom? The lads are eaten by the giant worm. Oops. Game over? No! They wake up inside, mid-digestion. Icky. February 2013.

21:08 – Live co-op demo coming up.

21:07 – Dead Space leads the line. Features Isaac Clarke is in a spaceship. He crashes it. Oh dear. He’s with Ellie on the ice planet we’ve seen a bit of before. Big ice monsters!

21:06 – John Riccitiello takes to the stage. EA’s conference is going to be “less like the Oscars, more like Sundance.” 10 developers. 10 games.

21:05 – MUSIC. SHAPES. EA’s plugging its catalogue of IP with a montage.

21:03 – LATE DOT COM

20:59 – Pachter thinks Respawn are going to announce their first game during the EA conference; the mere prospect of new IP has me tingling. Yeah yeah, I hear you, but what the hell is a Lococycle?

20:48 – EA are up next and I’ve got some fantastic news. They have games! Sequels, admittedly, but in the current climate we can almost class Simcity as new IP. There’s also Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, hopefully news of Criterion’s stab at Need for Speed: Most Wanted and, unfortunately, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I like that they’ve reinstated the fact that, yes, the protagonist is a fighter of wars. Personally I think Warbro would have been better.

20:45 – I’ve been perusing the Eurogamer forums in a bid to buoy my mood ahead of EA’s conference and reassure myself that, yes, videogames are exciting. And they are! Right?


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