Peggle Nights

Beethoven’s Ode to Joy may have been only one of many masterstrokes in transforming Popcap’s Peggle from effortless fun into worrying infatuation, but it is probably the most memorable; the infamous interjection of victory blasting forthwith slyly enticing; just one more level, and then one more. Then one more. Just one.

And another.

If you’re wondering how you go about expanding on a game like Peggle the answer is you don’t. Or you do, but you make it an expansion of content rather than ideas. But when your games are designed with a pedigree of simplicity and addictiveness, content expansion is the only expansion that makes sense.

So 120 levels played through the familiar Adventure or Challenge Modes are at the heart of this second offering. Backdrops may be original and themed accordingly and the inclusion of a new Peggle Master offers the slightest room for tactical alteration but this is Peggle through and through.

And that’s about as high-a praise as you can level toward an offering like Nights.



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