Lamborghini Pack

Splitting the Lamborghini, Porsche and Armed and Dangerous packs into three separate DLC bundles can’t have made Criterion many friends. In fact, it’s probably lost them a few.

While Armed and Dangerous filled a void by adding two new game modes, the Lamborghini pack follows in the footsteps of the rather lackluster Super Sports Pack. That’s not going to make them many friends either.

 Once again you’re paying for a threesome of vehicles only this time they’re all Lamborghinis: the esteemed Diablo, the Countach and the Batmobile-esque Sesto Elemento. The 10 events – 3 less than the modest tally from the previous car pack – and game modes are again each recycled from Hot Pursuit. Three cars is your lot.

The Lamborghini’s look better than they perform. With a top speed between the three of 201mph, they’re wasted on the online scene and a significant step down from the dizzyingly fast and agile models seen in the Super Sports pack. Of the three, the Sesto Elemento handles the best but I found myself resorting to the medley of Lamborghinis offered up in Hot Pursuit when I had carte blanche on choice. That in itself speaks volumes.

Frustratingly the 5 police events are significantly briefer than the racer events, and as someone who prefers acting out the role of the world’s least economical police force, the recurrent shafting of this half of the game is beginning to grate. The final race is a massive 25 miles long while the police events tend to stick to the more reasonable 12-mile duration. What’s the deal Criterion? I’ve racked up distinction on every police event from Hot Pursuit to this; I’m still only level 17. Show the long arm of the law some love.

Equally vexing is the fact that nothing has been done to combat the flagrant rubber banding bedeviling the interceptor and race events (that together make up 40% of the events).

There are things that need to be fixed and features that, if added, would compliment the quality on offer in Hot Pursuit. As with the Super Sports Pack the Autolog ought to make the Lamborghini pack at least slightly worthwhile, but with this being the third DLC pack priced at £5 offering very little content, understandably none of my friends have bothered with it. For me, Autolog is dead.

If at this point you’ve purchased each of the DLC packs you’ve spent a remarkable £15. Unless the spattering of achievements and a couple of game modes justify that then Criterion are having a jolly good giggle. It’s beyond lamenting the lack of anything new now.

Bundled together, these paltry and pedestrian offerings would have been disappointing by anyone’s standards, let alone Criterion’s. But splintering them into 3 tiny offerings and charging £5 for each of them is nothing but insulting.



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