Review: Until Dawn

A horror in the mould of a teen-slasher film, Until Dawn stars eight teens who revisit their isolated mountain cabin a year after the unsolved disappearances of two of their friends (think David Cage or Telltale but, well, good).


Review: The Last of Us

Naughty Dog has plowed to the top of the hottest developers index this generation, but with The Last of Us the veteran Californian studio trades Hollywood motifs for Cormac McCarthy flavoured survival horror in what will likely be the PlayStation 3’s swan song. One last hurrah?

Review: The Wonderful 101

With Bayonetta 2 still a tantalising work in progress, Platinum Games unleash their third title of 2013. Following Anarchy Reigns and the excellent Metal Gear Rising, The Wonderful 101 arrives to give Wii U owners something to cheer about.

Review: DMC: Devil May Cry

Ninja Theory flirted with excellence with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, but it was story not swordplay that won the developer plaudits with its re-imagining of Journey to the West. Next up, rebooting a beloved and unequivocally Japanese hack and slash.

Review: Metro: Last Light Faction Pack

4A Games deliver the inaugural slice of DLC for their marvellous post-apocalyptic shooter, Metro: Last Light. The Faction Pack introduces new characters, new weapons and a chance to help the Poles establish the first post-doomsday museum. At a penny under four queen pounds, what could go wrong?