Preview: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

I’m thoroughly under-dressed for the occasion. My partner – whose name is Alpha – is sporting Day-Glo combat threads, a vomit-yellow light machine gun with more accessories than a Bond car and a hockey mask decked with two symmetrical rows of offensive golden teeth. The occasion is murder party. Respect be damned.


Preview: FUSE

“In terms of tone Fuse takes the dry humour and lethal teamwork of Mission Impossible and combines that with the near-future setting and experimental weapons of District 9. But Fuse takes place in a uniquely Insomniac universe.”

Preview: Disney Infinity

John Vignocchi is breathless. The Executive Producer of Disney Infinity has rattled through a whistle-stop tour of the game for the second – possibly third – time today. He’s been in the UK less than 24-hours.

Preview: Metro: Last Light

Back in 2011, developer 4A Games unveiled the first public footage of its apocalyptic first-person shooter Metro: Last Light. Bulging with set pieces and boasting a body count that stretched well into the 50s, the ten-minute reel failed to champion any of Metro 2033′s real glories bar, perhaps, its knack for thawing computer intestines.

Preview: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

While City Interactive’s first entry in the Ghost Warrior franchise was met by a firing squad of critics armed with venom and keyboards, it still managed to sell over two million copies. That sort of number prompts talk of a sequel.