Gallery: Postcards From Paradise

In Metro: Last Light, 4A Games have served up a compelling vision of the apocalypse (as well as, perhaps, an early glimpse of the next generation.) Rousing imagery captured from deep within the skeletal remains of Moscow City. Click to biggerise.  Advertisements

Review: Metro: Last Light

With first-person shooters struggling to escape the grip of big words like homogenisation, can 4A Games provide a walk through hell to remember?

E3 2013: Ubisoft Conference Liveblog

Expected the unexpected, for it’s time for the games industry’s unusual Uncle Ubisoft to take to the stage. Expect Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs, something from Driver: San Fransisco developer Reflections and, who knows, perhaps even Prince of Persia. But probably not Beyond Good & Evil 2.

E3 2013: EA Conference Liveblog

Microsoft did a reasonable job of placating gamers hung up on bastard-DRM, bastard-privacy issues and bastard-backwards compatibility woes by focusing on games, games, games. So what has EA got primed down the barrel of its E3 Howitzer? Mirror’s Edge 2? Dragon Age 3? A new Mass Effect? Come at me.