Interview: C&C Generals 2 Senior Development Director Tim Morten

With a tally of twenty games stretching back to 1995, four developers and innumerable fans, few strategy franchises have enjoyed the kind of long-standing popularity and success as the Command & Conquer series. Now, in the year 2013, C&C is being given new life in the custody of a new developer working with a new engine and a new business model that reflects EA’s newfound fondness for social and free-to-play experiences.


Preview: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

I’m thoroughly under-dressed for the occasion. My partner – whose name is Alpha – is sporting Day-Glo combat threads, a vomit-yellow light machine gun with more accessories than a Bond car and a hockey mask decked with two symmetrical rows of offensive golden teeth. The occasion is murder party. Respect be damned.

Preview: FUSE

“In terms of tone Fuse takes the dry humour and lethal teamwork of Mission Impossible and combines that with the near-future setting and experimental weapons of District 9. But Fuse takes place in a uniquely Insomniac universe.”

Preview: Disney Infinity

John Vignocchi is breathless. The Executive Producer of Disney Infinity has rattled through a whistle-stop tour of the game for the second – possibly third – time today. He’s been in the UK less than 24-hours.

Interview: Ambient Studios Part 2

In Part 2 of our Ambient Studios interview, we quiz Creative Director Daniel Leaver and Design Lead Mike Green on the current state of independent development, the non-financial benefits of Kickstarter and why game development is more expensive than you think.

Interview: Cevat Yerli & Rasmus Højengaard talk Crysis 3

Having glimpsed the single player in action, Strategy Informer took the opportunity to sit down with Crytek Founder and CEO Cevat Yerli and Game Director Rasmus Højengaard to talk technology and its impact on innovation, whether there’s even room for innovation in shooters anymore and where Crytek’s possible free-to-play future leaves the Crysis franchise.