Interview: Ron Gilbert

2012 was a fine year for those of an adventurous disposition. The Double Fine Adventure ran rampant on Kickstarter in February before Telltale’s Walking Dead series cannonballed onto the scene exhibiting zero respect for the genre’s candy-assed reputation. Now, in 2013, a frosty January brings a new Ron Gilbert-authored adventure game.


Review: Proteus

Ed Key and David Kanaga’s minimalist exploration game, Proteus, has enjoyed a long-running beta and performed finely on the awards circuit. But now cometh the hour where the finished article is let loose. It’s been a couple of years since Proteus was first shown to the world, was it worth the wait?

Interview: Eerie Canal

Ex-Harmonix and Irrational developers Steven Kimura and Bryn Bennett left their jobs developing AAA hits to work on Dreadline, an RTS/ARPG with an air of Diablo and Freedom Fighters about it. Naturally they’ve taken to Kickstarter to secure funding. I spoke to the pair about Kickstarter troubles, the decision to go indie and Bryn provides a compelling reason for why space marines are so damn fashionable.

Review: Anarchy Reigns

It’s taken six months for Anarchy Reigns to wash up on European shores. Platinum’s latest channels the spirit of Wii-exclusive MadWorld into a multiplayer brawler with support for up to 16 players. An enticing prospect, but was it worth the wait?