I wouldn’t normally post news to the site but damnit, this is too important

This is it. This is finally it. Our one good opportunity to see Dino Crisis HD-remade and released on digital platforms. This is so important I’ve written the entire post in bold big and you just be thankful I refrained from hitting caps. No wait. I did hit caps.


Having actually developed Resident Evil 6 and thus confirming to the world that it’s lost the fucking plot, Capcom has resorted to asking its fans where the company should head next. Basically, it’s done a Survey Monkey.

Capcom’s gauging interest in the digital space and how much money it can make from recycling its old games. Fortunately for Capcom, and fortunately for us, its old games are a damned sight better than its latest nonsense (Dragon’s Dogma aside, that was decent).

On the list of possible HD-updates is Dino Crisis, Capcom’s brilliant survival horror title from the PS1 era. It took Resident Evil, did away with the zombies and hired a band of angry dinosaurs to fill the role. It was brilliant, and we need an HD-remake.

Not a sequel. That’s very important. Capcom proved with Dino Crisis 3 that it hadn’t a fucking clue what to do with its franchise (it took dinosaurs into space, for crying out loud). So let’s lobby Capcom for a remake. NOT A SEQUEL.

To help you, I’ve produced a handy guide to answering questions 15 and 16 correctly.

How to answer question 15

How to answer question 16

Answer Capcom’s questions here and don’t you fucking stray from the righteous path. And remember: not a bollocking sequel.

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