2012: The Offbeat Awards

Here’s where we champion things like videogame dancing, videogame sex, boss machinations in videogames, bad videogame characters and great use of taxpayer money in videogames.


The 12 Most Smashing Games of 2012

2012 started with a bang and ended with a series of nuclear-grade kabooms. Fortunately for humanity they were only felt within the videogame sphere. Planet earth made it through 2012 just fine and so in celebration of our continued existence, here are my top games from a top year. 12. The Walking Dead  A great story or …

A Game of 2012: Dishonored

Ahead of my usual GOTY nonsense I wrote a piece for BeefJack on why Dishonored was one of the better games of 2012.  Empowering is the word best used to describe Dishonored; an unflinching muddle of Thief and Half Life 2 in which the former’s stealthy hijinks spilled into the latter’s totalitarian-style world to magnificent …

Review: Hotline Miami

Distinguished Brit and lord champion of acting dead Sean Bean once observed under the guise of Boromir that one does not simply walk into Mordor. He was wrong, but for the sake of this pathetically thin metaphor we’ll let him off. Replace ‘Mordor’ with any of Hotline Miami’s congested, human-sized meatgrinders and you’d have your very own videogame Mordor, albeit one painted in retro hues and pulsing to pummeling synth music. We’ll call it Disco Mordor.