Hello, you.

The Steam Summer Sale is in glorious swing but I’ve had about enough of sitting in yesterday’s underwear browsing the front page. Stop buying ARMA for £20 god damnit. A show of hands, too, who hasn’t bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R?

Anyway, while I’m in no mood for changing underwear yet, I have trawled through the cheerless depths to haul up 14 games or bundles you might have missed that are absolutely worth forking out a few quid for (they all come up less than £5).

Here you go then, cowboy. Wallet at the ready. Don’t blame me if they turn up on the front page tomorrow.


Time Gentlemen, Please! & Ben There, Dan That Double Pack – was £2.99, now £0.60 (85%)

Two rib-tickling point-and-click adventure thingies for 60p. Not much else to add, really. 60p.

Penumbra Collector Pack – was £15.98, now £3.98 (75%)

Couple of scare-fests from the people who brought you Amnesia. Shit yourself silly safe in the knowledge that you’ve saved enough pennies to buy a new pair of pants at the end of it all.

Section 8: Prejudice – was £9.99, now £2.49 (75%)

One of last year’s most undervalued first-person shooters. Show it the love it so deserves, just don’t track me down if nobody’s playing with you. (It has bots!)

World of Goo – was £6.99, now £1.74 (75%)

Coveted physics-puzzler about getting goo-balls up a chute. I’ve not done it justice: it’s won awards and boasts a whopping Metacritic score of 90. Pizza and bonuses for everyone! Oh wait, these guys are ex-EA.

DEFCON – was £5.99, now £2.03 (66%)

Fraught strategy affair about blowing up the world without getting your hands dirty.

Snuggle Truck – was £3.99, now £1.59 (60%)

Rescue all the teddies! Or don’t. Owlchemy Labs’ delightful physics-based 2D driving game is a bit like Trials but prettier and with a better sense of humour. Comes with a level editor and a wagonload of levels (20,000 apparently). Blimey.

The Dejobaan Complete Pack – was £14.99, now £3.75 (75%)

Includes several AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! games for 26p more than one AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! game. The Tony Hawk’s of base-jumping. Hurtle down through a tangle of skyscrapers while pulling off irresponsible stunts (just don’t forget to deploy parachute). 

Atom Zombie Smasher – was £5.99, now £2.99 (50%)

Masterful zombie apocalypse strategy number about knowing when to drop an orbital nuke on a primary school. All the time, baby. Buy this game.

Burnout Paradise – was £9.99, £4.99 (50%)

An oldie, but it’s still a great. Everything needed to get your vroom on for less than a fiver.

Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack – was £1.99, now £0.99 (50%)

I’m reliably informed these are well worth a punt and at £0.99, who the hell am I to argue?

Defense Grid: The Awakening – was £6.99, now £3.49 (50%)

Years on, still up there with the very best tower defence has to offer. Pay no heed to the laughable spelling, this one’s a classic.

Machinarium – was £7.49, now £3.74 (50%)

Charming point-and-click adventure from the chap that created Samorost. Beautiful inside and out, and a steal at £3.74.

VVVVVV – was £3.99, now £1.99 (50%)

Coveted platformer that lets you run around on the ceiling. Its outward simplicity belies its inner elegance; one of the finest platformers of the generation and well worth the £2 entry fee (and the heightened blood pressure).

Lone Survivor – was £6.99, now £4.54 (35%)

“In this psychological survival adventure” SOLD.


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