Review: Lollipop Chainsaw

Bright, irrepressible and shot through with panache: a Goichi Suda game with all the trappings.


E3 2012: Nintendo Conference Liveblog

All eyes on Nintendo as the platform holder looks to use its time in the spotlight to talk exclusively about games for the Wii U. No 3DS. No Vitality Sensors. Just videogames.¬† 18:22 –¬†Nintendo have done the unthinkable and out-fucked even themselves. That was worse than the Vitality Sensor, worse than Wii Music, worse than …

E3 2012: Sony Conference Liveblog

Sony’s turn to wow as it looks to peddle core franchises Little Big Planet (albeit in go karting form) and God of War: Ascension, shine light on Naughty Dog’s surly The Last of Us and unveil, fingers crossed, Quantic Dream’s “Beyond”. Also, there’s that Vita thing that hasn’t really panned out.