Eurogamer Expo Post-Coverage


The 2011 Eurogamer Expo is over. Done and dusted for another long year leaving the yawning halls of Earls Court hushed once more, the hulking tanks safeguarding its entrance retired and the Saints Row ladies back to wandering through life garbed in more than just a pair of pants and a t-shirt seven and a half sizes too small (I guess). Equilibrium officially restored.

But we have post-coverage! Lots of post-coverage! Coverage rocketing in from every which way. In fact, having trudged back to our lair minds-boiling after our allotted days on Thursday and Friday, our hunger for all things games was not sated. So we broke back in on Sunday. Mostly for our benefit, but also for you. Guerilla journalism, right there.

What did we gain from a ploy so fraught with danger? Well, apart from the right to pretend we were each James Bond for a half minute, we have high-definition photographs of real people queueing for real games! Interviews with actual game developers! Previews of games of an impossible pedigree, games like Batman: Arkham City and Battlefield 3! Awards including “Best Cake of Show”! And, finally, developer session write-ups!

Who exactly did we convince to talk to us? How about Monstermind-developer Bossa or Spilt Milk Studios; the guys responsible for Hard Lines? What, you haven’t played Hard Lines? Screw you, buddy. We interrogated Greedy Bankers mastermind Alistair Aitcheson too, and managing-director of Hello Games and all-round funny guy Sean Murray. You haven’t heard of Sean Murray? Screw you, buddy. Oh, and we stopped by to chat to the illustrious charity Special Effect who were playing Trackmania Nations with nothing but their eyes. THEIR EYES. All of this inbound and still more!

What did we play? A bounty of rousing videogames, a banquet of staggering quality one might say, but whatever you want to call it, far too many games to mention here. Did we get to see a live 20-minute run-through of Hitman: Absolution? Absolutely. Are you jealous? You bloody well should be. I’ll be talking about that soon. On top of that we were also in attendance to gaze on slack-jawed as developers from such venerable companies as Rocksteady and Team Ninja waxed lyrical about games in their respective pipelines.

So, now that our heads are screwed back on tightly, expect a tempest of features over the next week or so, all of which can be accessed from this, the dedicated Eurogamer Expo page.


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