#18 KOU Review

so, there are pretty much no images of KOU on google

I wasn’t aware you could get profound with whac-a-mole. The moles emerge; tentative, unknowing, and then you cave their tweeny-weeny heads in with a mallet, right?

KOU (aka King of Underworld) has something to say about that. Here’s a whac-a-mole game that not only has its own world overview screen, online multiplayer and 6 unique moles to pulverise but also, of all things, a narrative!

It’s madness. There’s this place called the underworld which, you know, history tells bodes poorly as far as choice of name goes. But it was peaceful for a while. And then this bad mole Stanton, he rocks up to try to steal the crown. Or something. Anyway you’re Prince William and you have to macerate moles into slop to save the underworld. However that works.

And man you will not believe how fast your fingers can dance across the iThing until you’ve played KOU. In all likelihood you’ll play it without even considering the actions your finger takes. It’s almost worrying.

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