The Week in Trailers

The industry has earned itself a sordid reputation when it comes to womenfolk. If it’s not Duke Nukem gleefully punching tits in the name of saving planet Earth it’s voyeuristic cameras and token lady soldiers attired in breast, ass and vagina armour, but nothing else. Protect what’s important I guess. Click to read

#24 Allied Star Police Review

There’s a moment in Allied Star Police during which a solitary tear will steal from the corner of one eye as a deriding voice in your head goads your pitiful efforts: “you shall never, ever win”. For me, that moment came at around 15 minutes into the second level. Click to read

#22 ChocoRun Review

  Let us all, just momentarily, consider how improved esteemed yet pestilential platformer Super Meat Boy could have been had the little chunk of flesh been programmed to run involuntarily. Just to be clear that’s running automatically without any input from the player. Click to read

#21 Siege Hero Review

You don’t reach download figures orbiting the 100 million mark without earning the attention of a few envious eyes. Siege Hero makes no attempt to conceal the fact that it’s embracing the Angry Bird’s blueprint but then, developer Anton Fedoruk was knocking down castles with catapults long before a rabble of pigs decided to thieve …

#20 Karoshi Review

One might argue that fate had it in from the start for Mr. Karoshi; the word karōshi translating directly from Japanese as death from overwork, a miserable way to go if you ask me. You wouldn’t name your cat Mr. Roadkill and you certainly wouldn’t name your first-born child Mrs. Measles. And yet here we …

#19 Monster Dash Review

Oh looky, another graduate from the School of Running Really Fast From Left to Right and Occasionally Jumping. No criticism though, it’s an academy that’s churned out such delightful students as Dino Run, Solipskier and Canabalt and somewhat recently Monster Dash. Click to read

#18 KOU Review

I wasn’t aware you could get profound with whac-a-mole. The moles emerge; tentative, unknowing, and then you cave their tweeny-weeny heads in with a mallet, right? KOU (aka King of Underworld) has something to say about that. Here’s a whac-a-mole game that not only has its own world overview screen, online multiplayer and 6 unique …