My mummy always said it’s the taking part that counts. She was, and always will be, wrong

Regardless of my mother and her big bag of wrong there is some quiet dignity in coming second place, which is where I ranked in Eurogamer’s reader review of the month feature. The slew of words I achieved silver medal for formed the Super Meat Boy article published a few weeks back and was bettered by one about digging. That takes most of the sting out of it and “Bobby_P’s” quaint reminiscence over the art of childhood sandpit play is certainly worth indulging in. Despite digging irrefutably being the only activity more wearisome than a 24-hour Kane & Lynch 2 marathon, he manages to make the 20 paragraphs fly by. The bastard.

Anyway, the best line in the article went like this:

“I thought Mark 1412 [that’s me] did a superb job of summing up what it is about Super Meat Boy that can make you love and hate the game at the same time”

The sentence “Ellie Gibson said something I did was superb” may wiggle its way into my CV, perhaps in the opening paragraph. Or the first line.


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