Homefront Review

For seasoned veterans of the first person shooter being ordered around is nothing to write home about and the commands present within the genre have even come to represent a quasi code. For example: Grabbing an RPG is generally a good indicator of an incoming airborne attack. Bundling into a vehicle, you can expect a vapid and utterly dull turret section and even something as benign as opening a door has become the cue for absurd bullet-time sequences.

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3 thoughts

  1. This one completely passed me by…thank odin. Having been a passionate FPSer for the best (arguable) part of my life it saddens me to admit that I’m really not excited about First person shooters anymore. This sort of tripe only extinguishes that flame further. sigh 😦

    Ace review as always though old chap.

  2. Thanks bro.

    The genre has taken a bit of a tumble lately but the likes of Bulletstorm and Singularity are keeping things interesting. Also, Bad Company 3 is looking mighty impressive. Homefront though, is tripe.

    One must allow for followers on one’s own site, so one can remain informed on all things musical.

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