An Abusive Relationship

It’s not neglect. Promise. I’ve been busy, really, I have. Not that uni work has prevented me from finally buying Nintendo’s Wii and playing through Red Steel 2 (almost, my arms kind of started hurting by the end and I’m sick of developers shoehorning super soldiers with miniguns in their games as if it’s protocol but hey, Motion Plus is genuinely pretty good!) Also been giving Super Mario Galaxy, Punch Out!! and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Code: A.V.O.I.D) some love.

I’ve bankrupted myself too, hunting down old PS2 favourites and a couple of Gamecube classics to wile away this dreary weather with (seriously, it’s fucking May). Monkeys from Super Monkey Ball, I’d still perform grotesque medical experiments on your adorable faces just as quickly as I’d treat you to a romantic cruise, wine, dine, and walk you home to meet mummy. Horrible, beautiful, hateful, wonderful game that will go down in history as an absolute  gem of a bastard.

Also got back into Rock Band 2. Like a crack addict waking up in Pete Doherty’s flat I’ve been abusing 25 weeks worth of missed downloadable tracks (alright, not that many, but I wasn’t going to say no to The Metal.)

Anyway, in more thrilling news… Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption and Split/Second all hit shelves in the next two weeks (while the Halo Reach Beta continues, until the 19th anyway). Suffice to say, May 2010 is a month drowning in its own brilliance with Sin & Punishment 2, Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV all available already. Has no one heard of spreading things out a little?

Finally I’ve performed facial reconstructive surgery on the site. I like the new font, the drop down menus (alphabetised because I’m a pedant) and the fact that there’s some colour in here now, even if it is only grey. Don’t like it? Fill out our short survey here detailing why and how we could improve the site. Be honest, we want your time here to be as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible and we’re dedicated to making sure this here site is as family friendly, hospitable, informative and entertaining as is humanly possible.

One last thing, there’s a dedicated preview section now. Being a feckless amateur on a pathetic blog with no affiliation to the industry and no friends whatsoever, these are going to be previews of demos you can play yourself for free. Totally pointless you say, well feel free to express your views here in our comments section. No, I’m kidding. There isn’t one.

That’s it. Reviews of Red Steel 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, The Passing and the Wii Sports games to come (probably) and my thoughts on the Halo Reach Beta and the Split/Second demo too (maybe). Enjoy. Or don’t.


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