You Worthless Cack

Zeno Clash makes its long awaited debut on Xbox Live Arcade this coming Wednesday and what better way to pre-emptively celebrate than by watching this trailer? That’s right, there is a character named Father Mother, you are a worthless cack, and yes at 1.03 the dude does punt a pig directly into another character, tragically killing both man and beast. That’s the way the world works kids, collateral damage is a bitch.

Promising new weapons, a combat rebalance, improved animations and new game modes as well as additional co-operative modes, this edition of Zeno Clash truly does sound like it deserves to bear the ‘Ultimate’ tag. It’s out this Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade and will set you back a modest 1200 points, should you deem pig murdering and first person brawling worthy of a slice of your wallet.

Head on over to the Zeno Clash website for more information.


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