Sony Ad Coming From The Future – Bright, But Not Orange

Sony don’t exactly have a pristine record when it comes to marketing. With a PR department responsible for such atrocities as this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and of course the alliwantforxmasisapsp fiasco, you know, the one where Sony hired a company to create a series of commercials masquerading as the online blogs of everyday folk like you and I. They weren’t subtle. Compared to those examples though, this latest effort is pretty comical work!

Broadcasting directly from November 2010 where, apparently, we eat (drink?) our meals through straws and 3D gaming still hasn’t taken off, Playstation VP of Realistic Movements Kevin Butler walks us through a few of the Playstation Move’s features. Well, it’s more of a facade, allowing the ever confident Butler to take a few jabs at the competition.

“Who wants to pretend their hand is a gun? What is this, third grade?” he quips before adding a few complimentary gun sounds, pew pew! Take that Natal. He also has something to say for Wii Boxing but I won’t ruin the surprise.

In similar news EA continued their tongue-in-cheeking baiting of Modern Warfare 2 today with a viral entitled Fans Really Against Grenade Spam. Obviously it’s a twist on the monumental failure Fans Against Grenade Spam (or FAGS) that surfaced during the run up to the Modern Warfare 2 release. I never did work out what the issue was with that one. Hmm.

The EA version features CC Sabathia, who I’m informed is pitcher for the New York Yankees baseball team as well as Bad Company computer specialist Sweetwater, who’s dropping grenades like an epileptic holding a massive bag of skittles. It’s vaguely amusing, although quite whether this is taking the piss or covert adoration I don’t know, if you ask me it seems like Bad Company can’t get enough of Modern Warfare.

Who wants to bet who of Activision, Microsoft or Nintendo will be first to rise to the bait?


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