the next generation doesn’t start until we say it does. and neither does march.

Hmm. The overwhelming power of the PS3 was rumoured to have been utilised for research into Alzheimer’s disease, among other fancy scientific endeavours. But all that horsepower came to an abrupt halt earlier today when time, a fabrication of the human mind, sent things inside the PS3 a little haywire. All pre-slim models have slipped into a black hole of sorts with many retail games refusing to start up and PSN games reverting back to their trial status or not playing at all.

Supposedly it’s due to “a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system.” That’s right, you can’t play Modern Warfare 2 because the clock is bugged. Huh? You’ve never even seen the Playstation clock?

Purchases are said to be safe and will be back to normal when Sony have a fix (which could come about naturally at the turn of the day) but trophies and saves, well they’re not so certain:

“…if you have a model other than the new slim PS3, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data.”

This is possibly the one and only time you’ll catch a console manufacturer recommending you don’t play their console.

Hopefully midnight will set things right. Until then take advantage of the situation; cook a romantic meal for your partner, spend some quality time with your kids, watch your wedding tape. Or play Mass Effect 2.


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