Xbox Live puzzle lovers have a treat in store this coming Wednesday with The Odd Gentlemen’s Misadventures of P.B.Winterbottom. The platform puzzler features over 70 puzzles set in a curiously black & white silent movie inspired world. Precious few games dare stray into the realms of monotone so P.B.W has spiked my intrigue.

Winterbottom is a man who loves his pies, or as the trailer puts it is “a miserable pie-stealing buttwit”. I’m not sure what a buttwit is but come this Wednesday you’ll be one.

The trailer is enough to call Braid to mind but replacing the love-lost poetry comes a solar-sized sense of nuanced humour (oxymoron?) with enough charm and magnetism to seduce a fevered Tyrannosaurus Rex. On fire.

P.B.Winterbottom, and The Misadventures of, makes its Xbox Live Arcade debut this Wednesday for the lowly price of 800 Republic of Microsoft Credits. In the meantime head on over to the website for trailers, images and general monochrome tom-foolery.


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